Would you like to be a part of our newest exciting project?  We want to let people know the reason for our hope by sharing stories about how God has touched us!  This latest book project will be a compilation of real stories from our lives and from yours… stories of our supernatural experiences of God… experiences that are not readily explainable… those in which we suspect we’ve been touched in an extraordinary way by the Lord.

If you are interested in submitting your story for consideration, we are anxious to hear from you!  Stories can be just a paragraph or a few pages.  We would like to get as many stories as possible, so please feel free to pass this note onto friends.  We are hopeful to receive so many submissions that more books will be needed to add to the series.  

We hope to present an uplifting book, one that reminds us all just how close God is to us and how much He loves us.  You will receive payment in the form of the smiles and increased faith that your story gives to the reader. 

If your story is included in the book, you can choose to use your full name, first name and last initial, just initials, or remain anonymous.   

Please submit your story/experience to info info@alitttlelight.com by April 30, 2019.  (Please note “litttle” is spelled with 3 “t”s)

Thank you for your contributions!