We make the assertion that adopting a whole food, plant-based diet (healthy vegan) is one of the most pro-life things we can do.* 

The Standard American Diet (SAD) relies heavily on animal-based foods.  These foods have been shown to affect the body (including hormones) in ways that lead to teenage promiscuity, interfertility, endometriosis in women, and erectile dysfunction in men… all issues which affect human reproduction.  The same SAD diet can cause gestational high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and obesity in pregnant women.  On the other hand, a diet of plant-based foods can actually help mothers, fathers, and their children to avoid (or even reverse) many of these conditions.

Science confirms that the food we eat is intricately and powerfully connected to the fruitfulness of humanity (human health, reproduction, our obligation for help the poor and hungry), the life of the planet (natural resources, weather patterns, ecosystems, rainforests), and the flourishing of the rest of God’s creation (animals, crops, and all other living things).  All parts of life are interconnected to one another and to the food that we eat.  In fact, the food that we eat directly impacts, for good or bad, every aspect of life.

With the attacks on life ever-increasing, we believe we need to do all we can to support it.  One easy and delicious way is to begin with our knife and your fork.

Love + Plants = Life


* This statement must be qualified with the obvious recognition that this wouldn’t be true if someone were vegan and pro-choice/pro-abortion.  We simply mean that being a pro-life vegan (and having a well-formed conscience about life through faith and reason) is more pro-life than being a non-vegan who is pro-life.  Why?  Eating a healthy, whole food, plant-based vegan diet positively affects all of life, including the yet-to-be-born life. 

For additional resources on topics related to reproduction and how diet affects all stages of life, please visit www.drmcdougall.com and www.nutritionfacts.org.