You cannot “destroy” evil, but you can resist it, and it will flee. You can bring much light into the world, and evil will be consumed by the light. Remember, when casting out one demon, seven more rush in. You must then be vigilant to watch and pray. You must be alert always, for the adversary – the evil one – is always watching, waiting for you. If you do not give him a foothold, he cannot destroy you. Focus on the good, stand up for the weak, feed the hungry and poor, care for the elders. Men have a greater duty but are often the ones to bring about the most harm through their lack of reliance upon Me. Women, stand fast and do not be swayed. Be firm in your convictions of goodness. All selfish gain destroys the soul. Enjoy what you have and consume less than you need. I Am the God of Abundance, but “too much” destroys all things.