With your heart, you are beginning to “see and hear” more clearly now, each day a little more. You know this to be true. The more time you spend with Me, My Word, My Creation… the more you know, the more you understand, the better you discern, the greater you love. Be a witness to the truth of My Creation, My Love. In seeing all that I Am and all that I have Created, you witness true life. You live true generosity and understanding. Your beauty, your essence – that which is already inside of you – becomes more visible. Immerse yourself in Me, and you will see. You will see with your heart – not as man says or does, but as I Say and Do. Your awareness of Love brings about more love in the world. As you respond – with love – more love. And more love. Then I Am made more visible with every loving act. Then you will know you are home.