Strengthen your will by following My Will. What is it that I have planned for you? What have I designed for your life? Do you see and listen with your heart? Do you know the plans I have for you? What is waiting for you is good. Do you dare to take the narrow path and follow Me… in all things? Where the world tugs and pulls you astray, I Am there waiting for you. I do not abandon My own. You have a choice daily – in every moment – to pick up your cross and follow Me. Will you trust Me to take you to where you want to go? I know your heart and what you desire, and I know the best path for you to follow. Will you follow the promptings of My Spirit and follow as I guide you? Deep down, you know this is the only way for your true contentment, happiness, and peace. Will you follow Me? What will you decide today, right now at this very moment?