It’s not so easy to unlove someone. Once a person is in your heart, they are most likely there forever. The same is true of animals. So, what’s the answer to world peace? To transforming the world one act at a time? It’s loving one person at a time, loving one animal at a time, loving My Creation one day at a time. The more you love, the more you love. Let only goodness into your mind. Seek to discern truth always. Ask and pray for wisdom – My Wisdom – daily. For Truth only comes from Me. If you will give your heart over to One, you can give your heart over to all. Do not misunderstand… this does not mean loving evil and evil acts. Love My Creation, but not the evil that is abundant from the evil one and his followers. Reject quickly all evil. But – always love (take care of) My Creation, for in doing so you love Me.