“Extremes in either direction are dangerous”… you’ve heard it said. Yes. But then again… No. No when it comes to My Love. My Love fills the oceans and sky. It fills every cell of your body. Let Me fill you up, overflowing with my Boundless Love. From this Love, you can pour out to the world what is so desperately needed. You cannot fill them up. Only I can. But, by your being filled, you will point, and they will see Me. When “asked for the reason for your great hope”, then you can point to Me. Do not worry about “evangelizing” in the current state that most subject the world. It is not “The Way”. “Be” the Love they seek. When they try to grasp onto to you, you will know that it’s the love, your love, My Love that they see. Point to Me as you do. For their happiness is your great reward.