Watch for strife and back biting. Do not become enslaved with the fears and negativity of those around you. Choose to stand in peace, joy, and love. You must acknowledge that evil exists. You must discern between what is from Me and what is from the evil one. But you do not need to stay there. You must move ahead – in all goodness – and “work out your own salvation in fear and trembling”. Why fear and trembling? Not to keep you “afraid” but to keep you awake! Your life truly is not your own for I Dwell within you. Do you understand? We go together. If you will allow Me to Guide you, you will accomplish much for the wholeness of the world. This is not vain-glory and prideful but rather a statement of truth. Your thoughts and actions matter. Remember the “ripple effect”. Everything you do and say goes out from you. What kind of ripple are you adding to the world?