Your peace of mind is important. Your joy is important, as well. Trust that you can trust Me. Trust that you know Me. Trust that My Words are True and Relevant to your life – right now, today, and always. Many seek to minimize what I Say, My Word. With out It, what else exists? For is My Word not Me, My Son Made Flesh? Is My Word not Love? Can you discern between good and evil if you do not know they both exist? Your peace and joy are a deep reflection of faith. Yes, you can trust Me. You know you can trust Me. Then follow Me everywhere, and do not be afraid. Face the fear, and bring it to light by recognizing the reality of evil. Many go off track, because they have come to believe that wickedness and evil are untrue. They have been deceived the most. Stay awake, and resist the evil one. I Am the Way.