What is it that you want to know? What can you not discern for yourself? Come to Me in quiet prayer, and listen with a gentle, calm, and trusting heart. Do you feel peace? Or is your mind filled with racing fears? Slowly relax your whole body, and allow Me to “heal” you – mind, body, soul, and spirit. When you run from one thing to the next, when you do not give yourself a break… then you cannot “hear” what I have for you, the plans that will make you happy. Your stillness and quietude are key to peace, health, and hope. There is enough time, and you do not need to worry. Keep pressing on toward the goal, daily taking steps forward. If you feel that you should stop, if you feel you are not going in the right direction… slow down. Stop for a moment. Get quiet, and ask Me what you need to know. Remember… “allow peace to be the umpire of your heart”.