Be mindful of many things, but do not worry. Worry and anxiety are the antithesis of love and trust. Does this surprise you? You know in your heart this is true. This should not upset you nor worry you more, but it should serve as comfort and a reason to rejoice. For when you know you do not need to worry, that I Am “in the midst of it all”, then you will have the peace that surpasses all understanding. When you find yourself worrying, know that I Understand. I Created you, and I know you. Lean your head on My Shoulder, and let Me wrap My Arms around you. Think about the path you are taking. I Am walking beside you. I will not abandon you. Trust will make straight your path. And when the path does not seem easy – when the path seems long and confusing – know that I Am with you, and you are not doing something wrong. I am arranging many things for you. For this you will be joyous. Be joyous now.