They must know. You must not be afraid to tell them. Be of courage, little ones. Do not be afraid to speak the truth. Just make sure you have the truth – that you, too, are not deceived. What a man thinks is not always what I Think, Who I Am. Be discerning. Listen and pray. Where Am I leading you? What do you know to be true and good? If others are hurting, this is not good. This is not Goodness. What are your goals? To heal this hurting world? Do what you can to make a difference. If you live selfishly and do not extend yourself for the good of others in time, talent, treasure or knowledge, you have deceived yourself. The evil one wants the truth suppressed. He does not want your light to shine. He does not want truth to be known. Be bold and brave, and move forward – with all goodness – to help My broken, hurting Creation.