How is your eating creating who you are, what you’ve become, what you will be? You must understand the connection. Still, too, are you overeating? This is such a burden on the body and the mind. You must remember that all stress – of any kind – is still stress. If your body must work hard to digest foods it was not meant to eat – or too many foods (even healthy ones) – you are placing your body under undue stress. This is working against you, not for you. Too many illnesses are caused by a lack of knowledge. Too many are pressing forward with evil intent to make seem what is wrong to be correct. You must take action and care for yourself, to preserve yourself. This is not vain-glory nor is it selfish. If you care not for yourself, you cannot properly help others. Instead, you will tend to lead others down the wrong path, pointing them to a never-ending pit of destruction.