Be not a hypocrite and complain about those things that you, too, do. Find a way to be at peace with the world, but still take action where you need to do so. Do not hate, yet love. Pray for those who do evil. Let them see, by your good witness, that they have chosen the wrong path. Be a light and a beacon – a source of hope – in this troubled world. Shine Me out to the world. Do not speak ill of anyone. Rest your weary heart upon my chest, My Most Sacred Heart of Love. Do not grow weary in doing well, for you do not see all that you have accomplished. Be satisfied, knowing that your efforts do not go unnoticed. Every good, every kindness, every smile and word of encouragement, is a saving Grace to the world. Let My Love be seen in your daily actions. Daily examine your conscience, your actions. What do you see? I see your potential. Will you live your life fully in Me? Will you follow Me and all that I ask? Will you point to Me and show this hurting world the Answer? Will they see Me in you?