If there ever was a time to act, it is now. For how do you know what the future holds? Take steps to move forward. Do not stay stagnant, paralyzed in indecision and fear. There is no time to waste. Much work is to be done. The sloth, nor those without hope, cannot feed the hungry. They will not take a stand. They fear too much and do too little. Refocus your sights on Me and the work to be done. Now truly is the hour of decision. Will you choose to live a life of love or a life of fear? Why do you hide your face from reality? The tsunami is building. Goodness is rising. But so, too, is evil spreading like wildfire. The tsunami of Love will cover all evil. But you must act. You must be brave and stand firm in truth. The tide is turning. And you are called to help heal the world. Say, “I am love,” and heal the world.