Discern what is good and what is evil. Whatever tears down one, tears down all. You cannot take from one and not hurt others. It is not fair, and it is not right. Right and fair. Focus upon these things. If you take from others, they will begrudge you. Giving should be out of the kindness of one’s heart. And fairly interacting with others is the only way to continue on this Earthly journey with any civility. Without this, all will be destroyed. You must wake up. You sleep as you go through the day, not seeing what truly is. You close your eyes to the horrors of the world, feigning care and belief in the good. If you know Me, truly know Me, you will stop destroying what is not yours to destroy. You cannot force. You must be the example. If you try to change others, but you yourself are doing evil, you deceive yourself. This is how the hypocrites lived. Work diligently, daily examining your conscience. Change what you can change – yourself.