Trust. Everything builds upon this. If you do not trust someone, something, or some idea, these things will have no (positive) influence upon you. And the same is in the reverse. If others do not trust you, then you have no influence in the world. By what then shall one gain the trust of others? It is not a trick, it is not a lie, and it certainly is not deception. It is genuineness. Are you “for real”? Do you say and do as you truly believe? Character is action. What your words say mean nothing if your actions do not follow in kind. Be trustworthy. Do the thing you say you will do. Be the person you know to be. Offer your authentic self to the world, for that is who I Created you to be. If you try to be someone or something you are not – if you offer the world a false self – you are only deceiving yourself. It is unattractive to manipulate others. This is not the way you will bring about any good, most especially for yourself. Have the highest character possible. Your integrity is your life. Just “be” the good you know to be. Trust will be built. And your influence (for good) will be vast.