Trust your heart, and be at peace. If what you desire is goodness, you will have it. Live and love in such a way that the more you “are”, the more you “become” what you desire – and the more your life unfolds as such. Focus on Me. Discern your direction. And take action. Sometimes no action is needed for a time. But when you are called, take action quickly and deliberately. How many hours and joys are wasted by living in fear. Squelch the fear by trusting completely in Me. Be no slave to any man, but, in all things, look to Me for guidance and direction. As you move forward, do understand that it is also necessary to rest. Many take action to an extreme and burn themselves out. Or, they busy themselves with useless, meaningless garbage thrown at them by the evil one. Turn away from those things that do not bring forth goodness into the world. Seek, in all humility, My Ways.