Believe in your heart, and be brave. What is it that you discern? Do you see only the evil in the world? Or do you also see goodness? The spiritual battle is fierce. And it continues to get worse. You see it every day. This is not the time to grow weary in doing well. Fight with the Armor of God. Be strong in heart and mind. Be of good courage. Be bold. Just as evil spreads and takes over like a cancerous plague, so, too, does goodness. Like a tsunami, My warriors are building up the Kingdom of God. Good – My Goodness, My Love – will always win in the end. Evil cannot stand. Do not fear. Focus your daily attention on what you can do to help. Where do you spend your time, talent, and treasure? By this, you will know where your heart is committed. Do not give grudgingly, however. If it is a strain, or a source of anxiety, discern whether this is where I would have you give. What may seem right in a man’s eyes is not always what I desire. Pray. And listen.