Ensure your bright future now by trusting in Me now. You cannot mess up what I have ordained – unless you truly wish it so. You can go against Me – intentionally. But I know your heart. If you err, if you are confused, if you do not know where to turn or go… trust that I Am Creating the Way for you. The path is generous to those who love Me. You will see Me where most will not. You will see cruelty where others do not. You will see clearly where others are still blind. This is not a lesson in vanity, in pride. Instead, it is a call for a greater good. Be a beacon of hope, of light. Your awareness should not be stressful. The only thing you need to do is point to Me in all things. Let the world know that I Love them. It is very simple but not easy. If you are following Me – and at times do not know what more to do, which way to turn – this is a time of “rest of mind” for you. The future is already here. Everything is unfolding perfectly.