Stress and anxiety fill the hearts of My people. They do not know which way to turn. They call out, and I hear. I Am waiting for you to live a life which represents Me. Show by example courage. Show by example excellence. Show by example health and joy. Show by example a life lived for Me. For in this your life is whole, fruitful, contagious, and joyous. All fear. When doubt rushes in, turn to Me quickly, and I will squelch the lies told to you by the evil one. You will be victorious, and conquer all trials with Me by your side. Go out bravely to do the thing you know to do. You have been gifted with many talents, even if you do not recognize them. I see them, for My Spirit gave them to you generously. If you are helping in ways that bring you joy, you will be the best witness of My Love.