A straightforward approach to life is the best. Simplicity is key. All things in and for the Lord, your God. What have you discerned to do in your life? What is your role? How shall you respond to the difficulties and the disappointments? With love or sorrow? Fear and anger? Or joy and peace? Go. Be free of all that ails your mind. Go to the mountaintop, and spend the day with Me. “I Am there. I Am there.” I Whisper to you quietly. “Do you not know that I Am here with you always?” Quiet your mind and life. Fulfill your duties. But discern what is to stay and what needs to leave. You can only do this with quiet and time. The time you spend taking care of decluttering your life will be added back to you tenfold. You cannot live a full and happy life when you are moving about at a rat’s pace. Scurry here. Scurry there. Learn how to make your day joyous. All around you shall be blessed.