What is the cost of not living your life, of not living as you see fit? It is the loss of a soul, a broken spirit, a life unfulfilled. What is your heart speaking to you? Where Am I leading you? What do you know to be the true direction of your life? Follow your inner guidance, the Me within you. Follow your dreams to their fruition. What rules has man laid upon you, upon the system? Do they make sense? You know what is true and good. You know Me. You know goodness, and goodness is the way. I Am the Way. Forget the lies and deceit the world inflicts upon others. Go toward all goodness in all things. Be gentle with yourself. For if you are not, you will show no mercy to others. Grow in love each and every day. Expand your knowledge and seek genuineness always. Authenticity is a sign of a life well lived, a life well loved.