Settle your mind. Relax your body. Be free from all anxiety. Trust yourself, your life, your whole being to Me. You know the answers. They are all inside of you. You have been told before the beginning what you need to know. Still yourself, and listen. What do I reveal to your heart? Can you know truth? Yes. Do you know truth? Do you know Me, the real Me, the Me inside of you, the Love that I Am? If so, you are closer to truth than you think. You can then follow everything out from there. What is compassionate, what is wise, what is prudent? Harsh words sting. Soft words settle. Be the kindness in the world that you want to see, want to experience, want to feel. It is easy to lash out, to set others straight. Sometimes boundaries need to be set. But usually a quiet stillness is the best response. Discern, and be wise in My perfect counsel.