When you least expect it… miracles. Your life is not your own. I Work while you trust. You cannot force. You cannot demand. My Way is the only Way, the only True Way. Do you understand? Can you accept this? And live this? This is the true test. Not My Test, but the test of your own will and desire so that you will know. I will strengthen you if you will ask Me, if you will turn to Me. Rely on My Guidance for all things. You have faith. Go out and do good. Be a model of peace. Your joy is seen and reflected back to you. Many will oppose. Keep going. Keep shining forth. You have much to offer. Do not reject what I have made – you. Know your worth in Me. I give you all you need. You share in my life-breath. It has been given unto you. Rejoice in your inheritance. You are a part of Me. And what I have made is good.