If you are not seeking kindness, if you have hatred in your heart… you have fallen away from the path, from The Way – My Way. Put your selfish pride aside. Put away hurt feelings. Put away yourself. Self care does not mean demanding things to be your own way. It means taking care of yourself and becoming a good witness of love, health, and truth. If you are aggressive, you may get quick results. But they will not be lasting. And you will have lost all true respect from others. You do not need to be weak. In fact, that is not what I Ask. I Ask you to be strong and of good courage. Jesus was silent when accused. His strength allowed others to show their weaknesses, to call themselves out in their own foolish behaviors. Unless a situation is life and death, and intervention is necessary, say as little as possible. Be wise, but not wise in your own sight. With all humility and care, follow Jesus’ example in all situations.