Get clear in your mind what you want. If you have too many paths – too many things you are trying to accomplish – then you do nothing well. Be free of the expectations of others. What is it that I would like for you? It is your happiness from holiness that I desire. This does not mean to abandon your loved ones, fellow humans, and My Creation. They are to be loved and cherished. But the world will put its unrealistic demands on you. It is your job to say, “No.” How often do my cherished saints get off track because of the fear of man, the fear of non-acceptance. You must be tough and courageous. You have your mission. Keep your feet pointed straight toward the goal. There will be times that it is necessary to get off track, but that is part of the journey. Know the difference in what I Am asking of you and what the world asks of you. You do your part. Allow others to do theirs. I Will take care of the rest.