In the silence, you will find Me. In the quiet, there I Am. You must perceive this? You know that you seek quiet, and it brings you peace. But what about those who do not feel peace, cannot know a life without anxiety? They can – and will – if they will trust Me. An unsettled mind in the quiet is a call to silent reflection. It is a time to understand what ails you – and why. Much pain can be released if you allow yourself to feel it, to go through it, to go into it. You may need help to do this. I Am here to help you. Do you have a trusted friend who will sit with you? Or someone trained to help you as you do. This is not an easy thing, for trauma is real. But it is important to pass through to the “other side”, a place of peace and serenity. Just like My Passion and Resurrection, new life is on the other side of “going through”. Be brave, and have the courage to go through.