Be still, and know that I Am. If you are feeling anxious, put your mind to ease. All is in My Hands. All is and shall be well. Your focus is key. Your focus takes you to where you want to go. Your focus should be on Me, the Source of all that is, ever has been, and ever shall be. Truly, your life is not your own. Why then do you act as though it were? You are My Beloved Creation. And you are Mine. You have free will. But why would you ever choose anything but goodness? Do you fear you will not get what you need, what you desire? Doing things that hurt yourself or others is not My Way. The world pulls and shows you a false way, a false god. There Is only Me. You cannot live a full and happy life if you do not know Me, the real Me, the God of Love and Compassion, Mercy and Charity.