It is in the everyday things that you will know Me. Come to Me with all, and My Peace shall be given to you. You shall know My Will, and it is Love. Love for all of humanity, Love for all of Creation. Why would I ever destroy My Own Creation? Knowledge is great… but great knowledge — misguided knowledge — can be destructive. Be discerning in all things, listening to My Voice – not that of the world. For the world claims to know Me, but in its misunderstanding, great deeds of destruction and horror have been done. This is not Me! The peace and joy you feel is the True Essence of Me, My Character, My Love. Yes, be at peace with all of Creation and do not spurn it. For in doing so, you will be a great witness to My True Character – Love.

John 13:34-35, Matthew 5:43-48, John 14:27