A rapid response may be needed when you have no idea how to respond.  This is often the case.  An emergency ensues.  Then what? Can you know what to do?  Can you have any reasonable assurance that you know what to do?  Stop everything for a moment, and come to Me.  I will help you find your way.  For My Way is the best way.  My Way will lead you to peace.  You can live confidently when you trust in the Lord.  The more you follow, the more you will know.  You will feel at ease with every decision.  Come to Me.  Learn about Me.  I Am your Creator, your Comforter, your Friend.  Spend time with Me, and you will learn more than the world will ever be able to teach you.  My Creation — the natural source of beauty — will show you much.  Spend time outdoors when you can.  Get to know how Ecology works.  You will better understand all from this simple lesson.