From within, your actions begin.  What you think, you become.  What you believe, you will choose.  How is your thinking confused?  Where have you turned away from Me?  Daily come to Me.  I will give your refreshment and peace.  My Word is Truth.  Jesus.  There is no other Who can teach, Who can give you life.  My Fullness is a gift to you.  You can be happy in your current circumstances.  You can live at peace with all people.  The evil one will ever try to conquer you.  Focus upon Me.  Do not be filled with anxiety.  Stay encouraged in My Ever-lasting Presence.  A simple life is best.  The more you add, the more you take away.  How can you simplify your life today?  What extraneous burdens keep you tied down?  You will do well to manage your affairs simply.  This is Truth.