Clear your mind. Clear your house. Clear your environment. Be free of all stagnant spaces and living. You can grow in fullness, in joy. You can have “more”. You can be filled with things that are real. Be filled with Me above all else. There is no greater joy than to live with Me in your life. Can you trust this? Do you know this to be true? It is not a small request to ask you to have less in your day, less material belongings, fewer commitments. Your life can be one of ease. Your life is meant to be enjoyed. From this blessed vantage point, you will find true happiness. Grow in love daily by first loving yourself. Many will tell you this is wrong, that it is vain-glory. It is not. You cannot love well in the world if you do not first love, and care for, yourself. Remember, love one another as you love yourself. Therefore, love yourself. Then go out, and love the world.