Can you see My pursuit of you? Can you feel My Presence, ever-inviting you to come, come closer? I call you by name. I know your heart. You can live in Me more fully when you give yourself over to Me. When you know to act, do so. When you know to stop, do so. You can trust. I will not leave you an orphan. Your days are filled with much. How shall you fill them best? Do you need to be doing the things you do? Do they bring joy to you and others? You can live confidently in My Ways. You can follow as I Guide. Your heart seeks Me at every turn. I Whisper, and you hear. I call to you day and night. We are together. You can know your Lord. It is possible to see more fully day by day. When the evil comes, you can fall into My Arms, and I will protect you. You are mine.