Continually grow in Me. You cannot be fully happy unless I Am at the center of your life, unless My Ways are your ways. You must see that I know all. I do not allow things in your life to hurt you. I allow them to help you grow. But do not be deceived. For the evil one wants to see you fall, wants to see you fail. I only desire your happiness and joy. Be in Me always. Simplify your life. What can be easier for you? How can you free up time? What can be dropped so that you can serve more? Still take very good care of yourself. You cannot help others if you bring forth your own demise. I grant safety and sanctity to those who follow the “rules” of life. Life is a gift. Choose it. It cannot be destroyed without someone suffering. Yes, I Created a world for you to use. But it was not meant to be abused. Know the difference, and live in joy.