Grief can run deep – and it often does. What is disturbing you today? What cannot be fixed? What cannot be obtained? Where can you no longer go? Who can you no longer see? This world is temporal, it is true. But that does not mean that grief for what is loved and lost is not real. Be comforted today knowing that I see your tears and fears, your regrets and lost hope. Also be comforted that I make all things new. What seems to be lost forever is not. Eternity is just that. How much longer than your short stay outside the womb? Your time spent living and breathing should be enjoyed. Leave the past in the past. Learn from it, but move on quickly. You cannot live there, for living is now. Living is here. What you could not do in the past – what you were unable to complete – be assured that all is not lost. Nothing is lost. Your future will bring glory to all that you love and treasure.