How sweet it is to have the truth within you, to have Me at your center. There is no greater love nor joy that can come in life. You love those around you, but your love is greater, deeper, fuller when you have Me within you. Every area of your life is serene and peaceful – even when there appears to be turmoil. You can count on Me. My Hand is far-reaching. My Sight is Limitless. There is no end to what I can do. Your worry and anxiety do nothing for you. Do nothing for the world. What is most effective is your daily prayer – and trust in Me. I have not given you hope only to make you the fool. No, My Way Is the only way that will ever bring goodness and peace into your life. When true fools turn from Me, they seek their own way, their own man-made God. Unless you know Me in My fullness – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – you can never gain truth, happiness, joy, fulfillment, ever-lasting peace. All else will leave you empty. Let Me fill you today. Let Me fill you now.