When you are afraid, come closer to Me.  There are many frightening things happening in the world.  All around you there is sickness and despair, loneliness and guilt, hardness of heart and a mindless generation.  What is your role?  Be a light.  Shine brightly as the days darken.  The only thing you need to do is to tell others that I Love them.  Be of good courage.  You are not alone. There are others on the path with you.  Seek them out.  Be of goodwill.  Be charitable in heart.  Be merciful as I Am Merciful.  What gifts have been bestowed upon you?  Use them to bring love and life back to the Earth.  You may feel that you are trying to hold back the tide.  But your small part is important and makes a bigger difference than you realize.  Your prayers are powerful, for I hear and answer My faithful servants.