The game of life is this… to see who can love more with less.  What tells a heart is when one loves with nothing at all.  When nothing is to be gained by loving but love itself… then you will know that you know Me.  Then you know My Love for you.  I do not seek your shame.  I desire only the best for you.  You are My Beloved Little Ones.  What can man take from you?  Nothing when you have Me.  For I Am the Beginning, the End, the All in All.  Without Me there is nothing.  With Me there is everything.  I am invisible only to those to whom I have not yet granted sight.  But don’t be deceived.  There are many who do know Me but who choose evil instead.  Stay away from them, and keep your feet clear from the path.  You shall trip and fall should you come amongst them.  They will swallow you up.  You must pray always, for such as these will fall hard.  Do not become their casualty. Stay within My Divine Presence — your Hope and your Salvation.