The Word of the Lord.  Let it be known to all.  Jesus.  Your savior and your Lord.  To Whom else shall you go?  There is no place for you but with Me.  I shall protect you always.  Discern good in every circumstance.  Only the righteous shall be heard.  I hear and answer every prayer. But to whom those are seeking their own selfish, disruptive, and evil ways, no consideration shall be given.  I will not be mocked.  It is one thing to be deceived.  It is another to turn to evil intentionally for one’s own personal gain.  There is no love in this.  I will not allow My people to be destroyed for the sake of pride, greed, envy, and power.  There is no answer for this.  They must reject sin, and turn to Me.  They must make amends for the horrific crimes they commit.  I will see them in their final days.  They will not be happy.  No joy shall come to them unless they quickly change their ways.