Ever trial, every difficulty is a gift to you — if you understand.  The devil attacks only when he knows you are going to do something good for me.  If you are under trial, then know that the evil one wishes your demise. He wants to discourage you and thwart your every effort.  Do not be discouraged or dismayed.  Instead, turn to Me and smile — with all confidence — and know that you shall be victorious in Me.  I will protect you.  You cannot be stolen from Me.  You have a pure heart toward Me.  I see.  I hear.  I know all.  Nothing is hidden from Me.  Those who do evil are deceived.  They need but turn back to Me — not to their graven idols — for comfort, for guidance, for true life.  Many are doing very evil acts in My Name.  It is obvious to everyone but them.  But they have hardened their hearts. They will perish upon the Earth.  They cannot find their way back to Me, because they want only what they want.  To conquer the world.  It shall not be given to them.  For them, you must pray.