Filled with The Spirit, you smile. This is your true joy – to be together with your Creator at all times. You can be in the world and not of the world by taking daily walks and “retreats” alone with Me in silence. This is your Holy Space. Do not be discouraged by interruptions. This is life itself. Allow the opportunities of imperfection make perfect your life offering to your Lord. Recognize in the day each Holy Moment. Every day is a gift. Every breath is from Me. Be gentle with yourself always. From this gentleness, you will have greater gentleness toward the world. Expect goodness and kindness to flow to you. When evil presents itself, be aware. Do not be discouraged, but cast out what you know to be untrue, to be from the evil one. What the world demands is not what I Ask. My Ways are simple and true. Find ways today to make more simple your life.