Stillness is a gift to yourself – and to the world. When you spend quiet time alone with Me, you surrender your heart fully to Me. In that quietude, I tell you things that the world will never tell you. I tell you of truth and true love. You will then be filled to go out into the world to spread the Light of the world. Offer to the world yourself by first offering yourself in simple silence to Me, to Us. We are with you – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are your Daily Bread. Come to Us in Holy Communion as often as you can. This Life-bread will fill you more than any job, promotion, or money. The things of the world fade away and are nothing. Enjoy what I Have Created – majestic beauty and nature itself. From this goodness, you again will be filled. Enjoy what others have created, but do not be a slave to the expectations and temptations of the world. They will leave you feeling empty in the end. Allow your hope to reside in Me.