Upon completion of a task, know that your work is not in vain. For everything builds upon something else. Keep moving forward. Press on toward the goal. Accomplish what you can, and allow Me to do the rest. You do your part. I move hearts. You cannot change people, only love them. But by your great love, they are changed. They desire to be all that they can be. They desire to be the love within themselves, which is Me. By condemning and complaining, more of the same is brought about. Hurt is reinforced. People are fragile… be gentle with them. You can still direct them, but do so in a loving, understanding way. The ego is fragile. It will put up walls where it does not feel loved, when it does not feel safe. Help others to feel safe. Be trustworthy with their sharings and emotions. Be the gentle lamb for them. Give up your pride to help them feel okay about themselves.