Have the faith to believe that I Am with you, that I care, that I guide you – that I Love you. I Am Love, and you are Loved. You cannot separate from Me unless you desire to do so. I will never leave you. You are the one who leaves. Is that truly what you desire? For what can the world offer to you? Empty promises from the evil one abound. Do not listen. He has made a mockery of my people. But I See. I know your hearts. What the body desires is not the fullness of life. What I have Created in you is good. But anything done in excess and with wrong motives and procedure is evil. Put away all excess for it breeds a growing space for the evil one and his demons to come in. Why do I stress the presence of evil? Because you need to know. You need to know what is truly happening in the world. Stay alert, and stay focused on Me.