Hearts of fire, burning love inside. I Am the essence of this Love. You cannot truly love without knowing Me. Even those who do not know Me — but love — still know Me. Because of the high incidences of wrongly identifying Me with condemnation and revenge, many turn from Me for fear of annihilation. I don’t blame them. For what they are really turning away from is a false image of Me. They are turning away from the devil and rightly so. Those who are consumed with hell fire and damnation are living in constant fear, which comes from the evil one. Do not be deceived. You’ve heard that “I shall not be mocked”. It’s true. I shall not be mocked by the devil. My people, all people will be victorious in the end. The sooner they come to Me, the sooner their hearts are soothed. Your mission is still the same: I just want you to tell people that I love them.