Your heart aches, your soul cries out, “Where is the Lord?  Where is the Lord?”  I Am here, says your Lord.  I Am here with you today and always.  Be not afraid.  For I truly Am with you now and always and forever.  When panic sets in, cry out to Me.  I hear, and I answer.  You’re fulfilled with My Love every time you turn to Me.  I never leave.  No, it is you who leaves, even for just  a moment.  But do not be distressed when you find that you have lost your way, for I Am not angered.  No, I wait with open arms to receive you into My Love.  The only time you turn away is when the evil one has distracted you.  He will keep trying, so be alert.  Be on guard always, for his ways are wicked and cunning.  No trial shall befall you that you cannot overcome.  Only if you choose to leave My side will you fall.  I Am here.  I Am here, I Whisper to you again and again.  Come back to Me.