When you try to discern which way to go, you know to always choose the good. But discerning good and best is always the tricky part. Do not be stressed by your decisions. For no matter what you choose, you are choosing good. Do the best job you know to do when deciding. If you make a decision that turns out to not be “the best”, do not worry. It is still good. If you want to make a change, change what you can. And be content. If you wait to always make the “perfect” decision – or if you beat yourself up after the fact – you will destroy yourself inside by adding much anxiety. This is a trick from the devil. He wants to torment you. Do not listen to him. I can make all things good, just keep trying your best. Does this sound like a parent? It does, because I Am your Loving Creator, Your Father, Your Holy of Holies. You cannot outlove Me.