Apply simple care to all situations, and they will remain healthy. Better to take care of things as they go, than to find yourself in a situation that you need to dig yourself out. How many times do you thwart your own success, your own ambitions? Are you getting in the way of where you want to go? What makes you do so? Fear is insidious. It rots a life, which would be better served by love. Choose love always. Most especially for yourself. Just as you cannot love others if you do not love yourself, so it is also true that you cannot feel love from others if you do not love yourself. You close off those around you, so that any efforts made by them to love you are accepted or looked upon with suspicion. Or, as some do, one who does not love himself tends to suffocate those around them. They expect others to fill them where only I can. Learn to love yourself. For I Love you more than all the rest.