Your troubled soul calls out to Me. I Hear. I Answer. I Fill you with My Love. The world cannot love you as I Love you. It never could, and it never can. You were made to love. You were made to be loved. But human nature will fall short as long as your focus remains on being filled by the world. As soon as your mind turns to Me, you will be filled with My Everlasting Love. My Love is always there for you. Do you accept it? I give generously and without exception – but you must be willing to unwrap your Gift. I Am here always, never am I far away from you. I fill without exception. Will you receive My Love? I have Loved you first. I Created you in your Mother’s womb. And before this, I knew you. You have always been known to Me. Do you know Me? Come to Me, my beloved Little Ones. Fill yourself in Me.